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Marz Melo – CEO / Rapper of What It Deuce Entertainment

Marcelo Zubiri Jr. also known as Marz Melo is a Mexican/American Rapper. Born on February 1, 1986 at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas. His parents are Mexican Immigrants from Puebla, Mexico. He is the oldest of 2 children. His younger sister being the other sibling. As a family of only 4 his father purchased a small home in the town of South Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas where he was raised.

Growing up in a mostly all Black neighborhood Marz quickly learned and adapted to a different culture in which he had much respect for as it was slightly different but very similar to his. While living off one income at the time Marz learned and realized the value of money at an early age. He hardly saw his father since he pretty much worked 24/7 and was hardly home.

Marz attended Erasmo Seguin and Clinton P. Russell elementary schools. Then moved on to Boude Storey Middle school which was only a few blocks away from his house. As he entered middle school there was a lot of racial conflict between Blacks & Mexicans at the time and topics like sex, violence, pregnancy, gangs, drugs and even death came up daily. While he could not avoid the things that went on in his neighborhood, he did have a time where the only battlefield was on the grass playing organized sports such as soccer and baseball. While he kept quiet and to himself, he was well respected for his determination to succeed in life and was always there for family and friends whether the situation was good or bad. In 2000 he attended Dallas Skyline high school in Pleasant Grove. During his high school years Marcelo turned to what most of his friends were doing at the time and sold drugs. Weed was the primary drug at the time that he could easily obtain thanks to his plug. While selling weed he also took advantage of renting out rooms and selling alcohol thanks to his connections. Having an ID with a car at an early age made it easy for him to get around and have these opportunities. Unfortunately, he lost many childhood friends along the way as they were either killed, arrested, or moved out of the neighborhood. Being blessed with not being caught and avoiding close calls he knew that selling drugs was not for him. Even so he still did it for a few more years until his main homeboys and cousins started to get caught up. Unfortunately, they are currently serving time in Prison doing 25 to Life. As this was going on, he would also suffer losses in his family that would change his way of thinking forever.

This brings us to Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 3:00 am. While having a long day at work that Friday and then having to take care of some side business. He went out to Lower Greenville in Dallas with family and friends to party. Unfortunately, on the way back home he suffered a near fatal car accident while driving North on I-35 from Red Oak. He hit a construction barricade losing control of his Yukon Denali XL SUV. Soon after it rolled over engulfing in flames and exploded. Marz was lucky to not be wearing his seatbelt as he flew out of the windshield before his SUV caught fire. When he regained consciousness, he awoke at Methodist hospital in Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. As he opened his eyes, they were stapling his head using a total of 17 staples due to suffering a severe gash. As this was happening, he could only see green n red from all the grass and blood he was covered in. Just before losing consciousness again he was able to see his mom and sister enter the room and quickly run out the door in tears as they looked at what seemed to be his lifeless body. After a few days in the hospital, he was released having only suffered the gash to his head, a broken right collar bone and cracked shoulder blade. Currently you can see a few visible scars on his left arm and of course the scar on his head. It truly is a miracle for him to be alive today and to have only suffered so little damage.

While healing at home Marz friend Pedro had an opportunity to go record at a studio in Irving and needed help writing a few lyrics for some songs. As Marcelo helped him with his lyrics Pedro offered him the opportunity to join him. Marz was a huge Tupac fan ever since he was 13yrs old and would write poetry in his spare time. He always wanted to be a rapper but never thought it was possible since he did not know where to start. After recording for the first time in an actual professional studio he immediately knew that this was meant for him. After trying to get a demo out with Pedro aka Richy, Marz at the Time decided to go solo and pursue his dream on his own. He quickly started making connects and making a name for himself. He recorded his first mixtape at C Dash Los studio who is an artist from Pleasant Grove and a good friend of his from his days in High School. Soon after recording his first mixtape in late 2007 he was contacted by a local Producer from Arcadia Park in Oak Cliff named R/SIN. Soon after they met, he was introduced to Stacks, the CEO of Ledbetter Records in West Dallas. After meeting with Stacks, he was asked to be part of his label. Marcelo of course agreed and began working on his mixtape with R/SIN as the producer. Soon after that experience in the middle of 2008, he left the label to make his own. He called his Indie label “What It Deuce Entertainment”. “What it Deuce” is a phrase Marz would say while chunking up the deuces to simply say hello and greet people like saying What it do or What’s Up in his own way. Later that year his friend C Dash Los and another friend named Dammix joined as well. Together they dropped a mixtape and performed at clubs/events gaining recognition.

In 2009 Jeramy aka Barz Sace joined the label and they dropped another mixtape. Dammix & C Dash Los left the label around 2010. At this time Marz Melo and Barz Sace released 2 CDs entitled “Day After Day” in 2011 & “Business Before Pleasure” in 2016. In 2018 both Barz & Marz decided to go their separate ways due to work schedules and other personal/business opportunities. Currently only Marz Melo is on the What It Deuce Entertainment label. For more info and to keep up to date with Marz Melo be sure to follow him on all social media and music platforms.



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