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Marz Melo – CEO, Hip Hop/Rap/R&B Recording Artist

Marcelo Zubiri Jr. AKA “Marz Melo” born February 1, 1986 at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas. Marcelo Zubiri Jr., a son of 2 Mexican Immigrants from Puebla, Mexico. You could say that this was your average story of the American dream for many immigrants of any Nationality. With only the clothes on their backs Marcelo’s parents made their way across the border in search of a better life. About a year later is when Marcelo was born and then his little sister came along about 4 years later. As a family of only 4 they were able to purchase a small house in South Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas.

Growing Up

When they first moved in the neighborhood they were the only hispanic family of 4 to live on the block. Growing up in a mostly all Black neighborhood Marcelo quickly learned and adapted to a different culture in which he had much respect for as his culture was slightly different but very similar. As Marcelo grew up and made his way through the Dallas Independent School district he began to make more and more friends around the neighborhood and the city as he played multiple sports and was very good.

He played baseball and soccer which became his daily after school activities along with other things including basketball, football and all the other things kids do for fun. But it wasn’t always laughter and fun as the family struggled living only off of one income but some how they made it by. While the money wasn’t always there his father always made sure to put food on the table as he seemed to work 24/7 and was hardly home.

As Marcelo moved up in grade levels he made very close friends around the block. You could call them a click or just a bunch of homeboys, but it was never about gang banging just a group of youngsters taking care of one another. As the elementary days were over at Erasmo Seguin and Clinton P. Russell, the middle school years began and a lot of things started to change. Boude Storey Middle school was only a few blocks away from his house and was a place with a lot of racial conflict between Blacks & Mexicans. Middle school was also a place where the topics of sex, violence, pregnancy, gangs, drugs and even death came up on a daily basis. While there were many close calls of tragedy and serious events in and out of middle school Marcelo seemed to stay out of trouble or at least not get caught thanks to his love of sports. While he couldn’t avoid the things that went on in his neighborhood at least he did have a time where the only battle field was on the grass playing organized sports.

He went on to High School at Dallas Skyline in Pleasant Grove. The four years of high school were a great learning experience as Marcelo began to have a job and drive his own car while doing a little bit of hustling on the side with his crew. While he kept quiet and to himself he was well respected for his determination to succeed in life and was always there for family and friends whether the situation was good or bad. As the high school years went by Marcelo lost many child hood friends as they were either killed, arrested or moved out of the neighborhood. While he knew that selling drugs was not for him he still did it for a few years until his main homeboys and cousins started to get caught up and get locked up. This time around the cases they caught did not turn out well for them as they are all currently in Prison doing 40 to Life. As this was going on he would also suffer losses in his family that would change his way of thinking forever.

After graduating from high school in 2004 Marcelo turned down Scholarship offers to play baseball. Instead he chose to get a quick technical degree to at least have something to fall back on. He accomplished this in only 1 year and 8 months as he received an Associated of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology in 2006. He quickly landed many good jobs as he was able to put his foot in the door and that is all he really needed. Marcelo has excellent people skills as he has a great sense of being able to read people and negotiate. He acquired these skills along the way as a kid while growing up in the hood as he always had a sense of leadership and was not afraid to be different and say no at times when peer pressure was at its worst.

This brings us to July 29, 2006 at 3:00am. While having a long day at work and then partying in Lower Greenville in Dallas with family and friends. Marcelo suffered a near fatal car accident coming back North on I-35 from Red Oak. He hit a construction barricade on the left and lost control of his vehicle and went over a hill on the right side where his Yukon Denali XL rolled over and exploded. While most people would usually have died in an accident of this magnitude. Marcelo was lucky to not be wearing his seatbelt as he flew out of the windshield.  When he regained consciousness he awoke at Methodist hospital in Oak Cliff in Dallas, Texas. As he opened his eyes they were stapling his head with a total of 17 staples as he had suffered a big gash. As this was happening he could only see green n red from all the grass and blood he was covered in. Before losing consciousness again he was able to see his mom and sister come in the room and quickly run out the door in tears as they looked at what seemed to be his life less body. After a few days of recovery, he had only suffered the 17 staples to his head, a broken collar bone and cracked shoulder blade. Currently you can see a few visible scars on his left hand and of course the scar on his head. It truly is a miracle for him to be alive today and to have only suffered so little damage to himself. After 2 days in the hospital he was released to go home so his injuries could heal and so he can begin rehabbing his right arm.

During that time his friend Pedro had an opportunity to go record at a studio in Irving and needed help writing a few lyrics for some songs. As Marcelo helped him with his lyrics Pedro offered him the opportunity to join him and rap with him. Marcelo was a huge Tupac fan ever since he was 13yrs old and would write poetry in his spare time. He always wanted to be a rapper but never thought it was possible since he didn’t know where to start. After recording for the first time in an actual professional studio he immediately knew that this was meant for him. After trying to get a demo out with Pedro aka Richy, Marz at the Time decided to go solo and pursue his dream on his own. He quickly started making connects and making a name for himself. He recorded his first mixtape at C-Los studio who is an artist from Pleasant Grove and a good friend of his from his days at Skyline High School. Soon after recording his first mixtape in late 2007 he was contacted by a local Producer from Arcadia Park in Oak Cliff named R/SIN. Soon after they met he was introduced to Stacks, the CEO of Ledbetter Records in West Dallas. After meeting with Stacks he was asked to be part of his label. Marcelo of course agreed and began working on his mixtape with R/SIN as the producer. At the time he was the 3rd artist as there were already 2 in front of him.

They released a cd together that did not do so well so then when it was his turn they felt that if they failed that he would do the same. So after a bit of arguing and R/SIN having his back they decided to give him a chance thinking that he would fell but of course he did not. They only gave him 100 copies and he had to sell them in 2 weeks. Well about 3 days later he sold them all out selling their cd like it was nothing. Soon after that experience in the middle of 2008, he left the label to make his own. He called it What It Deuce Entertainment. Later that year his friend C-Los and another friend named J-Mix aka Dammix joined as well. Together they dropped a mixtape and did some local shows. Then later that year Dammix was locked up and no one was sure when he would be released. So then in 2009 they were contacted by Jeramy aka Barz who was interested in getting a shot of being on the Label. They gave him a shot and were very impressed with his potential to be a really good artist. After he was on board they dropped another mixtape and began working on a bunch of unreleased original material. Together they began to perform at many clubs and events in Dallas and even a few shows out of town. Together they created a big buzz and continue to still do so today. Currently in 2011, only Marz aka Marz Melo now and Barz aka Barz Sace now are the only 2 artist on the label. Dammix and C-Los aka C Dash Los are pursuing Independent careers. Marz Melo & Barz Sace have released 2 CDs entitled “Day After Day” & “Business Before Pleasure”. Currently only Marz Melo is on the What It Deuce Ent label and has just released a FREE mixtape entitled “What It Deuce is ya boy Marz Melo” and is currently working on his solo CD Entitled “Toasting To Life”



WHAT IT DEUCE ENTERTAINMENT in Dallas, Texas is an independent label that was established in late 2008. It was started by Marcelo in South Oak Cliff. He is known to everybody in the music business as MARZ MELO or MR. WHAT IT DEUCE. “WHAT IT DEUCE” is just simply a phrase which MARZ MELO has always used to introduce himself. It’s pretty much his catch phrase along with throwing up the deuces. “WHAT IT DEUCE” is already starting to become a pretty popular phrase around the streets and of course with all the fans. Only time will tell how big it will grow.

WHAT IT DEUCE ENTERTAINMENT hopes to one day open up eyes and get signed with a major record label. Until then WHAT IT DEUCE ENTERTAINMENT will continue to throw up the deuces and just spread the word with their music. The Independent grind is never an easy thing especially when you consider all of the people out there that are trying to accomplish the same goals as they are. Nevertheless, they are up to the challenge and are very confident that they have what it takes as all they can do is continue to make their brand of music and let everything else play itself out. WHAT IT DEUCE ENTERTAINMENT is currently made up of 1 Individual.


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